Stop (System Service Exception) Exception Error BSOD

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Stop (System Service Exception) Exception Error BSOD

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When you place a system into hibernation, the contents of RAM (physical memory at the time) is written to the file c:\hiberfil.sys, which on a Windows 10 system is about 75% of the size of physical installed RAM (maximum file size).

RAM as reported by the Windows app systeminfo also found in the Sysnative zip file -
Total Physical Memory:     8,107 MB (8 GB rounded)

So, I would expect the hiberfil.sys to be about 6.8 GB in size. (Not really important here; just noting this as we get towards the point that I'm trying to make).

BSOD mini kernel memory dump files (found in \windows\minidump) contain the date of the BSOD in the filename.

Inside of your Sysnative zip file that you attached to your post (THANK YOU!), I found a tiny (in size) corrupted BSOD dump file named [b]082419-37468-01.dmp[/b] - which means that a BSOD occurred on 24 August 2019. Based on other system data in the Sysnative file, you may not have even known that a BSOD occurred that day.

The only information that the dump gave me (because of its corruption and 2 byte total size) was an NT STATUS/Exception error code of:
STATUS_MAPPED_FILE_SIZE_ZERO    An attempt was made to map a file of size zero with the maximum size specified as zero.[/CODE]

... which as you can probably guess means - An file was mapped with a total file size = 0 bytes and the maximum size  was specified as zero, which does not make much sense to me. Why map a file then write to the file if you are not going to write any data/info to it? The exception error code written in hex is where the 2 byte file size comes from.

I only bring all of this up because of your current complaint/issue/problem involving the hard drive. The 0xc000011e exception error code could have been a precursor of things to come involving the hard drive; not sure as I am only making a guess here based on the logical information at hand.

You reported a "Stop Exception Error BSOD", which could actually be a "System Service Exception Error BSOD, Bugceck 0x3b with the exception error code = 0xc000011e; not 100% sure on this, but it is the closest BSOD title that I could find. It basically means that a system service threw an exception, the exception being the 0xc11e error code.

It is a hard drive diagnostic test that runs under the DOS operating system, so Windows does not load, so no BSODs will occur.

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