WHEA Uncorrectable Error - Bugcheck 0x124

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

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WHEA Uncorrectable Error - Bugcheck 0x124

Posted Today, 12:36 PM
Hi. . .

First off, for info, I am NOT a hardware expert and sit on the software side of the fence. Hopefully, a true hardware expert will see this thread and be able to help. I have never built a system and purchase only OEM laptops (HP, Fujitsu, Toshiba, etc...

The bugcheck on both dumps that you submitted was in fact was 0x124 = WHEA = Windows Hardware Error Architecture, a/k/a "Machine Check Exception".

0x124 BSODs are notoriously difficult to solve because the cause is simply "unknown hardware failure". 

Unfortunately, the dumps are incapable of telling us which piece of hardware has failed (except sometimes for hard drives as the dumps can record I/O errors,  which usually pertain to internal hard drives. Dumps are really only good for figuring out software problems as they can identify the exact line of code that failed, which would aid a software/ driver developer.

All I can really do here is to give you some hardware diagnostic programs to run.

Since it does look like the CPU is involved here and you have an Intel CPU, please run the Intel CPU Diagnostic Test.

Before running the Intel diagnostic test, close ALL windows. In fact, it is best to download the CPU test to your Desktop so that you will not have any Windows open at all while running the diagnostic test.

Have you told the shop where you purchased the motherboard from that all is well until you activate (turn on) the turbo mode? Maybe they have some ideas.

You also mentioned having "Clock Watchdog Timeout" errors. In Windows, "WATCHDOG" usually refers to video, but not always.

I therefore would recommend running a video diagnostic test as well - Furmark.

Just out of curiosity, please check the "watchdog directory" (the place where 0x117 WATCHDOG dumps are stored) and obtain an estimate of how many dumps there are in this directory (folder). A WATCHDOG error is also referred to as a "Live Kernel Event" with bugcheck 0x117. A 0x117 is just short of a full-fledged 0x116 BSOD.
The location for 0x117 Live Kernel Report dumps = C:\Windows\LiveKernelReports

The easiest way to obtain a quick count - bring up an elevated Admin CMD Prompt screen - https://www.sysnative.com/forums/threads/open-an-elevated-administrative-command-prompt-cmd-windows-10.11712/

Then type/paste - 
dir "C:\Windows\LiveKernelReports\watchdog"  /a >c:\0 & start notepad c:\0

A Notepad will open. Look at the second-to-last line - (this is from my system) -

 Volume in drive C is Windows 8.1 x64
 Volume Serial Number is C8D9-F1EF
 Directory of C:\Windows\LiveKernelReports\watchdog
01/02/2019  07:33 PM    <DIR>          .
01/02/2019  07:33 PM    <DIR>          ..
06/23/2014  04:41 PM           422,484 WD-20140623-1741.dmp
07/05/2014  11:03 AM           454,679 WD-20140705-1203.dmp
07/10/2014  05:00 PM           425,921 WD-20140710-1800.dmp
07/15/2014  12:39 PM           454,814 WD-20140715-1339.dmp
01/06/2015  06:36 PM           422,603 WD-20150106-1836.dmp
01/16/2015  07:20 AM           423,392 WD-20150116-0720.dmp
01/21/2015  10:07 AM           422,597 WD-20150121-1007.dmp
01/24/2015  04:23 PM           423,664 WD-20150124-1623.dmp
01/25/2015  04:11 PM           420,584 WD-20150125-1611.dmp
05/28/2015  09:39 AM           420,422 WD-20150528-1039.dmp
06/04/2015  11:12 PM           416,696 WD-20150605-0012.dmp
06/16/2015  06:53 PM           422,479 WD-20150616-1953.dmp
08/31/2015  04:02 PM           420,325 WD-20150831-1702.dmp
09/17/2015  06:04 AM           420,298 WD-20150917-0704.dmp
10/19/2015  07:49 PM           420,441 WD-20151019-2049.dmp
10/27/2015  08:14 PM           420,441 WD-20151027-2114.dmp
04/15/2016  01:29 PM           422,613 WD-20160415-1429.dmp
07/16/2016  12:11 PM           422,627 WD-20160716-1311.dmp
08/02/2016  03:48 AM           422,573 WD-20160802-0447.dmp
08/16/2016  10:30 PM           422,543 WD-20160816-2330.dmp
11/29/2016  01:36 PM           422,622 WD-20161129-1336.dmp
07/09/2017  11:52 AM           422,589 WD-20170709-1252.dmp
12/25/2017  01:37 AM           422,580 WD-20171225-0137.dmp
05/14/2018  07:31 PM           422,415 WD-20180514-2031.dmp
05/29/2018  07:13 PM           422,527 WD-20180529-2013.dmp
06/11/2018  07:55 AM           423,323 WD-20180611-0855.dmp
07/26/2018  06:18 PM           423,437 WD-20180726-1918.dmp
08/28/2018  12:11 PM           423,430 WD-20180828-1311.dmp
10/09/2018  05:32 PM           422,575 WD-20181009-1832.dmp
01/02/2019  07:33 PM           423,603 WD-20190102-1933.dmp
              30 File(s)     12,731,297 bytes
               2 Dir(s)  59,301,023,744 bytes free

Second to the last line tells you the number of files (dumps) currently in the directory (folder), so in my case, it is 30.

If you have any problems obtaining the dump count, please let me know. 

Thank you.

Regards. . .





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